hierarchy in investment banking: How To Build a Successful Career in Investment Banking?

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In its endeavor of making progress and taking ahead, PL abides by the principle of inclusiveness and mutual growth. The grade level you’d be assigned to depends on your educational qualifications, experience, the interview panel and negotiations. Like every corporate bank in India, ICICI Bank also has a hierarchy system.


You will get the average salary of investment bankers as per companies, locations, and experience. You will also get the benefit of getting the details about the recruiters where you can work as an investment banker. It’s not an investment banking profile but it’s with every profile that the salary package differs with the country. So if you are working in a country other than India then your salary package will be extremely different from India. The financial condition or the economy of the country plays an important role in paying salary packages to investment bankers. Mumbai is a city that has headquarters of plenty of Indian banks and hence the average salary of an investment banker is higher than other cities in India.

How to Become an Investment Banker India?

This involves advising large corporations, governments, and other entities on potential investment opportunities. It is a career with a handsome compensation package as this job profile involves research to get proper insights and handling a large sum of money. You need to have a good grasp of the current financial and investment climate.

Other important aspects to consider are — the stressful nature of the job, the unrelenting work hours, and the strict hierarchical standards investment bankers must follow to succeed in their undertakings. In short, investment banking is one of the few handful careers that can reward a straight-out-of-college candidate a six-digit figure annual payout. Finally, employment in investment banking usually pays well, but such a field is typically only chosen by individuals with high energy, excellent analytical and communication skills. Some investment banks also generate revenue by performing wealth management roles. You will need to complement a Chartered Accountancy degree with a CFA, or MBA with a specialization in finance or an FRM degree to train oneself exclusively in finance.

As such, investment bankers must abide by their firm’s stipulated code of conduct and will generally sign a confidentially agreement. This code usually contains very restrictive clauses on such matters as the treatment of confidential information. Moreover, there is potential for a conflict of interest if the advisory and trading divisions of investment banks interact, since investment banks generally do business both for themselves and for external clients. As such, the code will often restrict the investment banker’s contact with other employees of the firm, especially in these areas. Therefore investment bankers work with teams that manage clients for marketing and trading firms, identifying suitable targets in order to achieve and establish deals.

Types of mergers and acquisitions include – Mergers, Acquisitions, Tender Offers, Leverage Buyouts, Consolidations, etc. Hence, for any investment banking service provider, this segment has large weightage and scope. There are many technicalities and consent that has to go smoothly between the two entities especially in an M&A transaction. For both sides it’s a crucial task to close as each one hires its own investment bank firm as advisors to get the maximum value for their shareholders. Primarily, investment banking firms in India aim at raising capital and providing financial consultancy services to companies, governments, and other entities. From the blog, it can be concluded that investment banking aid in mergers and acquisitions, raising capitals, and offers various financial assistance.

The average annual salary of an Assistant Manager is ₹ 4.4 Lakhs per annum. Financial Modeling, Risk Management, Financial Analysis, and Operations Management are the primary skills required. Must have earned a diploma or postgraduate degree in the relevant discipline. They can also advance to the highest management positions in the organization. They will receive an excellent wage package as they develop experience and knowledge. Ph.D. degrees will give a doctoral degree, and they will be able to post their thesis for future enthusiasts interested in becoming Investment Bankers.

CFA® Program (Chartered Financial Analyst)

Managing Director– It takes a very long time and luck to become a managing director. They are the highest authority and are responsible for the profitability of the bank. In rare cases, he takes an active part in the deal, but he hires an efficient VP and senior VPs to carry out their everyday tasks. As multiple ingredients can contribute to the rise and fall of markets so there will always be a demand for an Investment Banker, who has the good market knowledge and high financial aptitude to manage the market. Business magazine provides the latest stock market, financial and business news from around the world.

What is the hierarchy of investing?

Experts have devised the Hierarchy of Investment Needs taking Maslow's needs theory as a basis. Investment needs can be classified into 5 types. Starting from basic contingency needs, followed by insurance, short-term needs, medium-term needs, and long-term needs.

You will then provide strategic advice to these companies/institutions on which actions they should take for their best interests using your financial acumen knowledge and capital markets expertise. Research might not be a direct vertical that affects the investment banking firms in India, but it indirectly plays a significant role in order to support the other profit-making divisions. In most of the investment banking firms there is an in-house research department where analysts work on research of equities and other securities so as to come up with suitable solutions. Equity Research resultantly supports the sales and trading department to come up with high-profit trading ideas.

Investment Banker Salary in India and Job Descriptions

The investment banker salary in India per month is also affected by the geographical location of the employing organization. Investment Bankers employed in Kolkata and West Bengal earn 112.2 per cent higher salaries than the national average. Investment Bankers employed in Mumbai and Maharashtra earn 94.3 per cent higher salaries than the national average. In other cases, investment banks directly serve as asset managers to large clients.


IB’ers get to soil their hands through this system while getting close and personal with the second advantage of being an I-banker – the ability to learn from real and big corporate transactions. Is Investment Banking wandering in and about your future career plan? We present here a window into what entails to be a successful Investment Banker – education and skill requirements, best schools, compensations, job prospects, best firms, etc. One could be saving for one’s retirement which can be a few decades away.

Typical Hierarchy of Investment Banks

They provide underwriting and mergers and acquisitions advisory services and act as intermediaries between investors and corporations. To enhance and optimize their business models, investment banks can try to focus on client-centric initiatives. Simplifying the IT infrastructure, reducing overheads helps in reducing operational costs. Investment banks can invest in financial technologies to help overcome technological glitches and improve stability. By changing the internal culture and hierarchy, sometimes a lot can be achieved.

https://1investing.in/ ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. Then, by the time you end school, you may have plenty of expertise in your resume to place you ahead of competitors on the job market. You can even construct a vital record of contacts who can get you a job in a while. There’s a lot of money out there however not many people that know how to use it accurately. Investment banking takes the right kind of expertise to be successful.

This program prepares graduates for entry-level positions in finance and business. After finishing the BBA finance and PG programs, students will become investment bankers. BCom Hons is a three-year undergraduate study in commerce that covers disciplines such as accounting, investment, taxation, economics, financial management, and so on. This course is intended to provide qualified students with expertise in a wide variety of skills necessary in the financial and investment sectors. Students who complete the BBA program and the subsequent PG course will become investment bankers.

You’ll have the protection of spreading your investment across a lot of bank stocks at the same time. So many banks act as dedicated investment venues, guiding their customers to make sound financial decisions. As a result, because they are well versed in the best financial practices, this financial sector has a higher value.

What do I need to become an Investment Banker in India?

Investment Banking is a professional career and that’s why companies look for somebody with MBA in Finance and relevant experience in the industry. You can even pursue MBA in Finance in the online mode from universities like NMIMS, Jain, Chandigarh University, and others.

Major banking establishments will listing their positions available on an “Employment Opportunities” part of their web sites. If you are making an attempt to get a bank job, a great place to start could be your individual bank. When you go in to do your banking, strike up a dialog with tellers and managers. Your role may vary based on the job function or department you’ll be appointed, such as Operations, Finance and business development, Human Resource Management, Information Technology etc.

The recommendation is made based on the investor’s objective, risk-taking capability, funds available, and duration of the investment. They also help the investors trade the securities and offer tips on when to buy and sell the securities. In a very good year, it’s potential for them to clear $10 million and even $20 million. Today, most investment banking analysts are very younger and really uncooked however have excellent credentials and an eager angle. Additionally, create a profile along with your expertise on social community websites, like LinkedIn, where you will find job postings and may be contacted by recruiters.

  • To turn around investment banking, some fundamental, yet simple transformations are required.
  • Normally, an organisation would supply all of the essential financial information to the investment banker.
  • This career requires an individual who is updated about the market, leaving huge scope for learning.

Because of the big selection of services offered by funding banks, the individuals working inside them also need quite a lot of investment-related expertise. Here are the highest skills you have to become a successful funding banker. A boutique funding bank doesn’t present the identical services as a Bulge Bracket or Middle Market establishment. It will teach you the skills you need to carry out all of the industry standards’ tasks and handle company challenges.

salary package

A professional certificate such as the Chartered Financial Analyst can assist applicants to enhance their careers as investment bankers. The CFA program provides extensive and practical financial and investing instruction. Candidates may apply for this program after earning their bachelor’s degree. Because of the intense and demanding nature of the job, becoming an investment banker can be difficult. Investment bankers frequently work more than 80 hours a week, must adhere to stringent rules, and deal with high-pressure situations.

hierarchy in investment bankings, like many different industries, typically hire individuals based mostly on referrals first. Before you start sending in resumes randomly, see in case you have any contacts in the trade. According to an article in Forbes, rising to the extent of vp for any one of the major banks in the country is a extremely paid place ranging in pay of from round $124,000 to $165,000. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. It was reported that he earned an annual salary of Rs 7.08 crore in FY22. General Manager GM – Average Salary of a GM with 17 years of experience is ₹ 75, 00, 000 per annum.

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It requires dedication and hard work to build a successful career in this field. Investment bankers are responsible for helping companies raise money through issuing stocks and bonds, helping with mergers and acquisitions, and providing financial advice to clients. In order to know How to become an investment banker, one must have a deep understanding of financial markets and the economy as a whole. Additionally, strong communication skills and the ability to think critically are essential for success in this field. With the right training and commitment, becoming an investment banker can be an incredibly fulfilling experience that offers long-term rewards. An investment banker advises companies and individuals on financial matters such as issuing securities or managing mergers & acquisitions.

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